Thursday, 22 August 2013

Come join me.....


Ok this didn't go to plan! I became the grumpiest man on earth, yep, grumpier than normal! I will stop, it's not that far away but in the words of Mrs R "Please start again!" 

If you've stopped as a result of the below, then you will, in the not too distant future, inspire me! 

I took the plunge on what I see to be my last bad vice to conquer in what has been the most self sacrificing life changing year of my life, Yes, I write this as a non smoker! 

Why is it when you stop something, wether it be smoking, drinking, eating shit food it would seem  every single person you bump into or pass or look at is doing the very thing you are trying to stop? 

A few things have shocked me now the fags and lighters have gone and all are, suprisingly, really positive! 

I can smell stuff, I can taste stuff but worst of all I can smell a smoker from 40 yards! Being in my company must have been like sticking your head in a life size ashtray! 

I gave up for a few reasons, the most important one was my daughter Roxanne who some months a go pleaded with me to stop, I wasn't really in a place then to even consider her caring and loving cries to help me live longer, thank God I am today!  

A huge player in the Roycey "Smoking" change was Gary Barlow, he has been moaning about my fag breath for two years now and recently at "Bootcamp" he gave me "The Look" this was followed a few moments later by Louis good friend  Liam, who works closely with him. I went to say hi and he looked me straight in the eye and said "You stink of smoke" that was the last straw for me and the decision was made deep in the "vice corner" of my brain! 

I visited my doctor first to try and get a pill by the name of "Champix" however with a side effect of "Depression" it wasn't the greatest of ideas for me, so my charming doctor sent me packing to a pharmacy, yes, any pharmacy! 

I was un-aware that our brilliant NHS now offers a full supportive programme to give up at any pharmacy - so off I trotted to a fellow school parents shop and stood proud as I announced "I want to stop smoking!" 

The support is amazing, it's a full dedicated programme to help you reduce the nicotine intake at a safe manageable speed and it's tried and tested! 

If I needed any reason to stop, the carbon monoxide reading underlined my decision beautifully. The top mark on the "Reading card" was 25+ I blew 50! 

I've made so many changes to my "Me" recently and it has been truly amazing! I've conquered fears, stood up to what I believe to be right, changed old habits and re focused on every single area of my life, easy? Fuck no! But the rewards are simply beautiful. 

If you have just one small thought of stoping smoking, come join me, we can do this together! 

Honestly, if I can stop, anyone can stop! 

Here ends the smoking preaching blog! 

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  1. Thanks Ian,

    made my mind up,im with you.


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