Sunday, 30 June 2013

1D Love Heart!

I'm must be doing something right as I actually got a hug from Janet St Porter at the Loose Women wrap party, I love Janet, she is straight talking, no fluff or bullshit and definitely no "flowered up" conversation - it's so refreshing and our banter always makes me leave the LW studio with a big smile and another restraining order! 

I love working on Loose Women, when I first approached the show some in the business asked what the fuck I was doing warming up daytime shows? Why was I not staying on "The big shows?" (No names mentioned) Let me tell you now LW is a "Big Show" it's also one of the hardest (and most rewarding) warm-up's I do, the topics are so varied you really have to be ready to get an audience  to "move with the mood" if you add that to keeping all the ladies happy its a show you cannot take lightly. 

The brilliant comedian, Karl Lucas, is the master at these shows (and many others both daytime and prime time) and if you are ever free one day I'd highly recommend a visit to London Studios to see the recording of LW - it starts again in September. 

I loved seeing this emergency van - NCP car parks actually have a "Dog Rescue" unit! Brilliant!

This is seriously one of the best bits of art I have seen in a long time! 

As I'm sure most of you know I'm just out of hospital following a small operation. 

I arrived in my room which wasn't far off a hotel room and unpacked a few bits, the lovely nurse came in and gave me a gown and the most pathetic excuse for underwear I have ever seen! 

I put them on and simply wondered "Why?" 

They didn't fit, they were completely see through and I was going to be knocked out for the whole time so really I didn't see the point... 

I then put the gown on, which for those of you who have had an operation will know ties up at the back, I'm so glad nobody walked in, it's was like an episode of "Inspector Gadget" doing spins with a bollock hanging out! 

I'll leave you with the picture in your minds - trust me - it wasn't that pretty! 

One Direction, are still storming the world and it would seem the phenomenon and excitement continues around a great bunch of very talented guys, however the excitement around the world was nowhere near my own hysteria at finding out they had their very own "Love Hearts!"

I think I may need  to take up some more hobbies as opening the packet gave me much anticipation...

This was my first 1D love heart....

Luck of the Irish me thinks!

I honestly didn't know wether to laugh or cry! 

Back to The X Factor in a couple of weeks and I'm beginning to get very excited, but who wouldn't? 

My week sees me start the brilliant "Lets Do Lunch", with my friends Gino & the newly married Mel, I am seriously excited to be warming up for one of my favourite comedians, Michael McIntyre, I also get to finish off the week with an exciting meeting with the NSPCC around plans for my 2014 challenge. 

I hope you have a great week and thank you for reading...


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Brave brave Sallie.....

So I've finished a the first few recordings of the next series of Piers Morgan's "Life Stories" 
We had, without question, two of his best guests ever!
First up was Julie Goodyear, I promise your chin will hit the floor and the Pete Waterman you will require some tissues, they will be on ITV in the autumn. They are not to be missed!

(Piers is not interviewing me - yet! Lol) 

Sometimes in life it's good to stand up for what is not right - I congratulate this seagul for its defiance and silent protest!

I have a new pet hate! 
Is it just me or is the below cunudram the most bloody frustrating and annoying thing EVER!!??

Is the fourth one an "O" or a "C" ? This challenge is becoming a regular event in my life and its begining  more and more frustrating!?

I'm happy to inform you it is not an "O" (I failed!)

The most bloody annoying thing about playing this game is I will never ever know the answer - I wonder if after you get it wrong the Internet site could at least give you the correct answer! 

I visited a very brave courageous lady in hospital today (Wednesday) namely The Royal Marsden, for those who are not aware this is a hospital who's primary care is the treatment of cancer. 

As I walked the corridors en route to the ward I was expecting a place of much sadness and upset, how very wrong I was - It turned out to be a place of many smiles and much laughter formed by people who are far braver than I! It was inspiring (as is my friend Sallie!) and it truly gave me something to think about - 
How long do we have? How lucky are we right now? How big  are our problems? Are we living each day to the full? Are we pleasing other people rather than caring for ourselves? Most importantly though my question to myself was; I
If I only had two weeks left to go, how would I spend it? 
We do not know how long we have - live it - breath it - but most importantly, take nothing for granted! 
(As you can see it was a long list of pondering questions but it was a long walk from the ward to reception!)

I was in Selfridges recently and the below were in the men's shoe section! 

Who for the love of God would wear such a trainer? 

Two names  poped into my head....Rylan and my friend Russel! 

I did however find a beautiful pair of swiming shorts however they will never be hugging my arse as I dive bomb my kid in a random swiming pool! Why?  a small price tag of over £350 - well maybe one day! 

I love America, always have done, always will do but I wonder if there is any need to have so many McDonald's across this vast land? 

The hottest day of the year a few days ago and my thoughts go out to this beauty, who I don't blame for having an afternoon nap!!!

Right I'm off for a small operation,(I've been nil by mouth for a few hours now and I'm frigin starving)

Have a fantastic weekend - I know I will even if it won't involve any running! 


Sunday, 16 June 2013


I did it! 

Honestly after spending 28 hours walking it, 5 hours and 48 minutes cycling it was honestly nowhere near as physically challenging but it was again another mental battle, something It would seem I am beginning to do a lot of! (Nobody said when I started this journey it was going to be easy!)

It wasn't about the ride for me today it was about one hill one climb, one challenge, and one point to prove to nobody else but myself! 

As a kid I was often told I was "Nothing" a "Worthless piece of shit" I was informed  in the midst of violence "You will never amount to anything, you're a humiliation and evil" so that hill was my middle finger to those that chose to damage my spirit, soul and inner strength! 

Some people say the mind is the most powerful tool we possess but it does not, in my opinion, come even close to the inner spirit! 

I stopped just before attacking the biggest winding hill i have seen for 2 years (two years a go to the day I attempted the same hill and got 400m up it before stopping and saying to myself "oh it doesn't matter you're shit anyway!") and had a small very meaningful chat with myself...

These were my exact words....

"Today Roycey you are something. You are important, you are loved, you are a dad, a husband, a friend, an important part of life, you are special and most of all you are capable of absolutely anything - Roycey, this one is for you and you Mr hill are about to get owned!" 

I then sucked back a couple of energy shots and began...

 I grunted, groaned, spoke to myself, swore (a lot) sweated and screamed, my legs burned my heart was racing, I was gasping for oxygen but pedal I did, not exactly In a straight line but this was not going to be a repeat of two years ago, this was my time! It was without question the hardest 10 minutes I have ever done sitting down! 

Then came the mental challenge - my mind must have told me 20 times to get off, to give up, that nobody would care, that I couldn't do it, that I was a failure.... But I'm changing and something came alive in me that as a 44 year old man I have only ever experienced once before and that was a few weekends a go on my 28 hour walk - it's called belief and a spirit that was not, under any circumstances going to be beaten - at any cost! 

I made it - I beat it - I pushed myself - I beat my demands -  I cried and then I laughed then I felt a new feeling, a feeling of beating the demands that have for so so long defined me...

So hill you were owned and I was the exact opposite - today and just for today, I was free and for this year i was king of my own little mountain which, as I promised got owned (Although taken over is probably a better terminology!) 

I suffer no more in silence.....

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Ride like the wind.....

And so i begin my second challenge - 100k bike ride from London to Brighton!

If I can walk it - I can sure as shit ride it! 

With every turn of my wheels today I want to send a message of hope to those who may be sat where I once was and this is my message to you;

You are NOT Evil, you are NOT alone and you need not cry silently any more. 

You no longer have to be in that lonely, dark, terrifying, suffering place and you no longer have to hate yourself with every single thought. 

It has stopped for me and this is why I'm alive enough to ride tomorrow. My spirit has begun to so can yours...

My target? 

To cross the line in Brighton by 1.30pm (no I'm not leaving now!) 

If you have a little to give you can do it here -  

And if you have already donated can I  thank you so very very much. 

Right better get peddling as I'm warming up for Piers Morgan tonight! 

Brighton - I'm coming to get ya!