Monday, 17 October 2011

RIP Harry and Jack

First two weeks of The X Factor and it is good to be back in the studio. I also did a live link to LBC last Saturday with some backstage excitement, which I loved. Whilst I was on the radio, from my mobile, I found it hysterical that people were phoning and texting me to tell me "You are on the radio" I know!

You can now hear me every Sunday morning at 9:30 chatting about the XF night before on LBC 97.3 FM or on sky channel 0112 or on the web

The happiest person at the X Factor studios by a country mile is the parking attendant. Now we don't have the biggest ever Rolls Royce in the world to park we have gained 4 extra parking spaces, genius!

I have seen old friends and new down at The X Factor and even got a hug and some banter with the lovely Katy Perry who was a guest judge on The X Factor last year. I was slightly shocked she remembered me but, of course,  I pretended like we were old friends!

Some others in two weeks have been:

Phillip Schofield - I always feel like I am in the presence of a TV God when in his company, he is without doubt one of the nicest most genuine men in TV and a true star.

Jeff Brazier - Always looks cool and with a smile that melted a number of female hearts in the studio and no doubt a couple of blokes as well!

Jedwood - I need say no more, but they were great fun and as always made my job a little easier!

Sara Cox - brought her daughter, who was the cutest kid ever!

Dan Wooten - Love Dan - I always feel like I should do Jazz hands when in his company!

Louie Spence - The most spectacular entrance into a TV studio ever - I would expect nothing less!

Joe Jonas - So I am stood side stage and I said to Lizze who books all the celeb guests for ITV2 "Is Joe Jonas in the studio yet?" her reply in a whisper "He is stood next to me!". Huge celeb spot fail, however he was a really good sport for some banter and a few extra followers on twitter.

Professor Green - Cooler than cool itself. I got very "down with it" when near him and again he gained me a few more followers on twitter...oi oi 

Steven Mulhern - I got very confused seeing Stephen in the studio as he is normally doing more talent but it was fantastic to see him on a night out relaxing rather than working his nuts off.

Members of the great British press - I will not name them, but to be fair, they danced, screamed and cheered like real fans of the show. I am and will continue to be grateful!

Celo Green - I walked past his dressing room - it was a s close as I got!

Matt Cardle - Matt used to use my dressing room last year on XF to focus in before the shows (He is not the tidiest person in the world) so I thought it would be funny to use his "trailer" as my dressing room when he arrived for his guest spot. Not everyone found the funny side of this!

TOWIE - Never seen it so got the whole crowd to cheer an "orange" woman who I thought was a cast member. She was not - whoops!

I was gutted that I missed Carole McGiffin in the audience on the first live night. I love her on LW and am a huge fan - in a healthy way of course! I apologise to Ms M for not seeing her in the audience and giving her a well deserved shout out, next time, maybe even on LW!

100's of celebs try and get tickets to see the show. I understand it is one each, which kinda rules out Liam Fox!

I have a new agent which means a new X factor dressing room for Roycey. Great work agent, I now have an even smaller room than the last 7 years which I thought impossible! I would have posted pictures but I can't get a good angle to take a picture of anything - it would have just been a wall!

I come home with a bump on Sunday nights from the show. It's bin day on Monday and this means getting them out in my suit which walks me into the house rid of all things show business!

Its been a couple of fantastic weeks in the world of warm up. I got to work with Chris Moyles and Piers Morgan. I enjoyed "The Quiz" and the "Life Stories"

The only problem when you do a show with Piers is that the green room is never short of some chocolate brownies which I took great joy in over-indulging which means I have had to sign up for a new class at my gym!

The dog is matted, she has been like this for about 3 months but my wife refused to take her to the "Dog groomer" as she believed that they would shave her bare! I took control of this as man of the house and found a very sympathetic dog groomer who specialised in matted dogs. They explained they would take their time and ensure she still have the look of a Tibetan terrier once I had picked her up. I dropped her looking like this:

I dropped "Poppy" with a 17 year old, who seemed to know what she was talking about and I had every faith in her ability to keep "Poppy" looking like the scruffy, cute, fluffy dog that she was.

Oh God she gave me back a bloody dog worthy of a handbag in Beverly Hills:

Stood in the kitchen once my wife had been pulled off the ceiling. I said to her "Don't worry love it will grow back". My wife gave me that look and said "She looks like a fucking Ewok"

20 minutes later when watching TV my 8 year old came into the living room and asked "Mum, whats a fucking Ewok?". Genius!

Panic not around the appearance of my dog. If all else fails put a stupid jumper on her!

Loved this traffic congestion sign sent to me by the lovely Berni:

I wonder how long it will be before more of these signs start appearing?

My thoughts and prayers this week are with Harry Mosley and Jack Marshall, two brave young souls who lost their fight against cancer. Puts everything into prospective!

Right, I am off camping. I hear we have a new campsite not a million miles from St Paul's - Dale Farm. Didn't take too long to find a new home, oh the views!


  1. Thanks for the giant smile plastered on my face after reading your blog, Roycey. #neverfails

  2. *Laugh* "Fucking Ewok" ... thanks to Mrs.FunnyAsFK Royce for that one!


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