Thursday, 26 September 2013


I found myself actually having a conversation today with someone at a London tube station - I know right, shocking! 

It came about on the elevator at Waterloo mainline train station that drops down into the depths of London. I treated myself before heading below ground to inhale the dark dust of London to a very refreshing Starbucks blackcurrent frozen drink thingy, it's joyous and pretty calorie low, anyway I started sucking on it like a mad man and quickly got the good old "Head Freeze" I started to place mytongue on the roof of my mouth (to warm it up and halt the impending instant migraine, something I learnt from a man from Barbados while wincing over a Rum Punch some 15 years a go!) and started (unknowingly) tutting like a pompous lanky twat, the problem arose that I was doing on the downward left side of the escalator which was blocked by the confused tourist who us unaware that "left" is for walking and "right" is for standing 

Anyway I found myself stood behind a lovely young lady who suddenly turned with a look that would rival one very pissed off Simon Cowell, suddenly and by pure fluke I realised I had been tutting behind her for at least two revelations of the giant wheel that carries thousands a day into the network if sweaty grumpy commuters! 

The look on her face quickly changed when I burst out laughing in a state of panic that she actually thought I could be so rude as to even "Tut" 

She laughed as I tried to explain the ice drink headache tutting thing - we both laughed, we struck up an enjoyable polite  3 minute conversation and both went ourseparate  ways to wherever we were going! 

Is this worthy of a blog I hear you ask?100% yes,strangers talked but more importantly laughed with not one other  motive in a place where conversation lis simply a taboo! 

This got me thinking about coffee shops and the very drink we consume hourly (Well some of us!) 

My local train station has an amazing man called Mo, who serves his many hot drinks out of what can only be described as a solar powered noddy van (Some of you may have to google that) he knows everyone's name, everyone's coffee and more importantly is always the smile at the begining of the early morning commute. 

I got chatting to Mo today and the Koran, the Muslim religion, the Hygab and the world of Allah, in a simple 10 minutes I listened and learnd so much about his beliefs and that of his religion - I listend carefully to what worries him about the myths that ultimately effect him and his family, I listend to how much he loves this country and how happy he is to abide by its laws and rules. 

You see it wasn't just a coffee it was an education - so often we travel through life making assumptions about others without ever asking or speaking about or to the very thing or person we are so ready to spout off about. 

So today I laughed with a stranger and learnt much about a religion and all I did was was visit two coffee shops - try talking, opening your mind and watch knowledge flow, for through knowledge we grow and through an ice drink and a late I laughed and learnt! 

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