Thursday, 26 September 2013

A letter....

I read a letter sent to the Daily Mail today and I wish to reply! 

Dear Mr Simpson. 

Melvin, Hugh, Joan and Anne are rarely on the radar of our TV's now, I think you are holding a long time resentment which you must let go of, try to let go of this and focus on something positive, may I suggest Barlow, Nigh, the centre of the bed and Willis or McCall, yes, change direction, the view may surprise you and wash a whole new landscape on which to admire! 

Vince cable and the whole shadow government is a tough one but should the "Sickness" be so great may I suggest joining the Conservative party and making a change rather than just sitting in your armchair spouting off? Without opposition we become "Unaposed" a very dangerous position for any country to be in, need evidence? Just have a look at Zimbabwe! 

Squatters and travelers, you are not sick of them, you are scared of them! Go talk to one, go walk a mile in their shoes and find something out about their lives before judging from a distance! You may find some empathy or even some understanding of why they do what they do and be who they be, shit, you may even buy a caravan and spend a Friday evening "Grabbing!"

Pop music, you're not sick of it, you're just getting old - admit it and tune your "Wireless" into Alied Jones or Chris Evans and embrace the music of yesteryear, it's ok to travel back to the "Old Days" when the volume "Dial" only turned up to "10" 
If you send me your e-mail address I will forward you "One Directions" "Little Things" I defy you not to then love "Pop Music"

British Food, are you mad! Go make a Sheposrds pie, a fish pie or a steak and kidney pie then proceed straight to the naughty corner to eat some well earned humble pie, a very "British" dish and one we don't often have the courage or conviction to do! 

Surveillance Cameras are responsible for more police convictions than police officers, think again, I mean God forbid a "Gypsy" park on the double yellow line outside your house and not be seen by the watchful eye of are law enforcement agencies! If you have nothing to fear and are law abiding, they should bother you not! To get rid of "Surveillance cameras" is to close down ITV2 - what the hell would I watch after a late night "British" dish of Chicken Tika Masala!  

As for pensions, terrorists and bishops, go anywhere in this world and you will have the same problem, sorry, this is not a "British" problem but a worldwide one - you are seriously screwed on this point as we all are, you just gotta swallow this one up!

You have no money? You spent it! Don't start bitching to me or the world because you don't have any!" Not this countries fault - it's yours! 

This country is here to be loved, but as with any relationship you, yes YOU Mr Simpson have to meet it halfway, you have to at least turn up for the date to feel its love! 

Try give, give, give rather than take take take and you sir will feel the soul, spirit and love of this great country wrap it's arms around you! 

Stop blaming everyone and everything for the country you sit in, get off your fat arse and go make a difference, go make a change, go meet it halfway, go lead not follow! 

She is ready to love you once more, you just need to show some compassion, care and most importantly committment, then and only then will you truly have victory over Anne Robinson, Vince Cabel and god forbid Yourself! 

Kindest regards. 

A proud resident of Great Britain..

Q "You Raise me up!"  

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