Friday, 2 May 2014

"Its Time.....To Face....The Saddle!

"To give freely of  yourself to help another is to help yourself as much"
A little over a year ago I couldn’t ever imagine doing anything that counted as “Achievable” Today however I am alive enough to do something slightly random, The random is of course to cycle for 7 days, I had no plan, but now I do, well kind of, I have a bike and a map and some hotel rooms thanks to Hilton, a new helmet and some inner-tubes, although I have not a bloody clue how to change a tyre!

Today I've got spirit, drive, determination, a goal to reach and a life adventure to experience, oh, and a sense of humour which I kinda guess is essential and will come in very handy! 
So on Tuesday morning (After an overnight train journey to Scotland) I will put on my clip on shoes into my special pedals (This will take a few attempts, a wobble and a couple of swear words)) And begin my journey to London from Edinburgh Castle, a city that is very special to me.
I have been called mad, insane and stupid, honestly, I tend to agree, at least I'm not dull! 
I am about to keep my end of the deal after asking you to give, if you haven't already it would be fantastic if you could.
Please donate if you can by texting “Stephen” to 70500 to donate a simple £5!
Please visit Stephens “Just giving Page”
And if you are wondering why you should give,please take some time to watch this!

Thank you Stephen for inspiring me, I truly hope it helps your fundraising just a little. 

The Ride….
Day One Tuesday May 6th – Edinburgh – Carlisle
Day Two Wednesday May 7th Carlisle – Lancaster
Day Three Thursday May 8th – Lancaster – Liverpool
Day Four Friday May 9th – Liverpool – Birmingham
Day Five Saturday May 10th – Birmingham – Oxford
Day Six Sunday May 11th – Oxford – Wembley
Day Seven Monday May 12th – Wembley – Home

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