Thursday, 24 April 2014

Please give if you can.

Stephens story is so inspiring indeed Stephen is beyond inspiring.

I have laid down a challenge to cycle for 7 days from May 6th by simply leaving South London and heading north to try and get Stephen to 2 Million pound before midnight tonight.

I have no plan, no route and no idea where I am going to go. I would hope I can get food and board along the way, but it matters not, what really matters is hitting the £2m mark by midnight tonight. I am even going to miss the last Liverpool game!

I have many followers on twitter and a few who read this, if you have just £10 then we can hit the huge target for a young man who's vision is beyond words.

This is all about hitting the target by midnight tonight. And for the cynics - I am not doing this for any gain for myself, the ride will be discreet and logged via "Strava" and the odd "Sore arse tweet!"

Please give to watch me suffer for 7 days of cycling around this fine country of ours and to send a message to Stephen that his life is so special.

Thank you for reading and if you can, thank you for donating.

Please feel free to read any of my blogs. It may give you an understanding of why I am happy to give back to life and not take!

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