Saturday, 14 January 2012


It must be a January thing because I really couldn't be bothered to write anything so Ill leave you with some pictures! (Lazy I know)

I never go to Tesco, (if you a regular reader of my blogs and twitter you will know I spend most of my time in Sainsbury's) and this is why!

My faith was restored today in customer service when an X Factor colleague tweeted this from his holiday destination airport, pure class!

And now for some pussy!

You may wish to stop eating......

I know, that one left me feeling a little ill also!

Whoever thought of this is a genius!

This really does have to be the best T-shirt ever, but do you honestly think anyone would wear it? oh hang on, I forgot @jamesinrehab !

So 2012 and we are a go, I am off on the BGT tour, Manchester, Cardiff, Scotland, Birmingham and Blackpool, yes, Blackpool!
I am also doing the National Television Awards at London's O2 Arena and my new favourite little lunchtime session at Loose Women! Piers Morgan return s in the not too distant future and ITV have some very exciting things coming your way which I am over the moon to be part of!

Everything else is just talk, so for now, I remain your warm up guy, (Or in the words of Steve Brookstein: "Show Monkey!") which to be honest, I am extremely grateful to be!


  1. Haha great photos, I may need to steal!

  2. Ohh ... you don't have to say much. Just the opportunity for vicarious living through your hysterically funny observations is sufficient. Really, when I say *Laugh* ... that's the truth. *Thank you* Ian.


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