Monday, 29 April 2013

50 ways to a better sex life....

So the 1st auditions are well and truly underway for the 10th series of "The X Factor" and the turnouts have been bigger than ever!
Some of those braving the weather are even more outrageous than ever and there is some amazing talent this year, seriously, its going to be amazing 10th year!

No judges conformed yet (as I understand) but really the Louis fans go to incredible lengths and effort to support their idol!

Thank you to the amazing chef in an unnamed city for this outstanding gruel!

I  get asked a lot to slag off "The Voice" on twitter and am often asked for my opinion on the show, so hear it is: Its a good show, not as good as my beloved X, but a good show all the same.
A very talented producer by the name of Billy Halpin joined the BBC team this year and I have no doubt in my mind he will bring his wealth of knowledge, experience and genius to a show that has sold around the world!
My loyalties are embedded with ITV as I do 90% of my work for them but and its a huge but, this does not mean I have anything negative to say about the BBC or any other channel for that matter, there is room for everyone.

I returned to the golf course this week (Its part of my new fitness regime, Steering a buggy is good for the upper arm muscles!) and a game with my Uncle Dennis, I have to say 3 hours away from a phone and the general madness of a day, in the beautiful English countryside is something I am defiantly going to do more of!

Talking of my fitness regime, I am happy to see the great "Gerkin"army have made it to my training programme! Honestly, who in Gods name inputted this to a machine? If anyone has ever seen the  "Gurkha's" on a speed march it would fill you with fear, pride and admiration for the bravest of the brave.
I have written to the company owner of these machines asking for an immediate change in this screen!

I loved reading this in The Sun however they missed out on one very important part......

"Have a partner!"

I would also like to thank whoever put these tow together at Twickenham for the rugby, utter genius!

Have a good week my friends, I'll leave you with this which needs no explanation, comment or comedy!

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