Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The last of three..


I was gutted to have to pull out of yesterday's half marathon, the pain in my knee was really too much, if I'm honest I shouldn't have really even started the race as have not been able to train correctly with shooting pains. 

I will however finish the race as soon as the pain subsides and I've had it looked at, thank you again for giving so generously - I promise to finish what I started that much you can be sure of. 


At some point in early 2013 (Not the best time in my personal life!) I decided to complete three challenges for myself and more importantly the NSPCC. 

Well it's two down and one to go, for me it's the one I am dreading the most.... its running and I don't do running! 

The first two challenges were amazing for both myself and the money's raised for the NSPCC, I reached goals I only ever saw others achieve and broke mental barriers that have stood in my path for so long, I've lost toe nails and had blisters where I thought it medically impossible to even find a blister and I've laughed, grunted, sworn and shed a couple of tears along the way! 

So much more importantly though I have managed to raise over 5k for an amazing charity and hopefully help in providing a safe place for a child in need of love and protection when they know only fear and abandonment! 

Can I take this Oppotunity to personally thank each and everyone of you for sparing your hard earnt money to such an amazing charity and the beautiful encouraging words you have written on my just giving page.  

At the begining of the year I lay on a bed wanting to end my life, today I run wanting to live it to the full - that's a message I thought I would never write and one I hope anyone suffering can gain strength from, that after all has been and will constantly be my motivation for doing what I am doing and being who I am today! 

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart...

To help save a suffering child please give if you can to: 


To text a donation; 

Type IANR88 and amount to 70070

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