Saturday, 23 November 2013

I am very sorry....

My wife and I had date night last night and chose to spend it at the cinema in the company of Ohpra, Forest Whiticker, Robin Williams and a man who never ever fails to bring a smile to my face Cuba Gooding Junior and the movie "The Butler"

The movie was advertised to start at 8:45 so babysitting times organised, popcorn at the ready and glasses cleaned I sat ready to enjoy some of Americas finest ply their trade, my wife and I then sat for nearly 45 minutes waiting for the start, so bloody annoying and more the point this meant we would have to leave 40 minutes early to get the babysitter home.

Dear Cinemas, if you say start at 8.45 then bloody start at 8.45, I'd done my crisps and drink before the opening credits and knew I was not going to see the ending! 

On this occasion however I didn't need to see the ending of the movie for it to have a seriously impact on me! 

Within 15 minutes of watching I felt ashamed to have white skin, I felt ashamed of the behaviour of previous generations of white skinned humans and I felt utterly embarrassed being surrounded by fellow cinema goers who had no doubt at some point in thier lives experienced racial hatred or ridicule, violence or bullying, name calling or segregation and all as a direct result of the colour of thier skin. Not for one second watching the scenes unfold in front of my eyes did I feel comfortable or even happy - it was, for me, beyond awkward! 

Thanks to technology and "Blogging" I get to talk, I know not to very many people but today I would like to use this very small voice I have to say sorry! 

I want to say to any person reading this who's skin is a different colour to mine how very very sorry I am that you, your parents, your grandparents and your previous generations had to endure such hatred, such pain, such evil, such ridicule, such humiliation and such dam right vile racism at the hands of sone white skinned human beings. 

It is beyond comprehension and extreamly embarrassing to watch as a human being with white skin, no wonder future generations have been so very angry! No wonder anger and resentment still runs deep, this was happening less than a lifetime ago, horrible! 

Last nights movie explained so much in my head and made so much, so easy to see, thank you to the writers, makers, actors and studios for making me feel so bloody uncomfortable - it was, on this occasion, worth every cringing moment as you opened my eyes and emotions to a far bigger picture of life, you did what movies do so well, you made me think! 

I wrote a tweet earlier in the week saying racism is taught, I also believe it is born out of the emotion "Fear" Fear of the unknown!  To fear something when we have not encountered the fear itself is to only be fearful of self not others! 

I have a message to those who may have that "Fear" and who still look at humans with different coloured skin as below them, as less than them and as a lower class of the human race; change, open your own eyes, do not follow what you have been taught, make your own decisions, be humble, forgive yourself and make new paths, don't run with the crowd or follow the pack, lead, unite and conquer what is wrong in your heart, because deep down you know it is wrong and then go and watch "The Butler" 

This world is about change and I believe good always conquers evil, The President of the United States of America leads the free world today, only a lifetime ago he wound have had to sit in a segregated area and been spat on, this is why this world can be and will continue to fight and win over those who choose such a blinkered fearful existence. 

Life is for living, let us live....


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