Friday, 22 November 2013


This morning I renamed my two fish that swim in my hallway "Rebecca" & "Addlington" Roxanne however has called them "Joey" & "Essex" both re-namings are as important as each other! congratulations to ITV who just got a house talking and a mass fish renaming even after a show came off air 20 hours a go! 

Rebecca you are beautiful, interesting, passionate, real, engaging and above all an inspirational human being, you, yes you are who I want my kid aspiring to be, not, and I write this as a parent, celebrities so far removed from reality they are slowly but surely disappearing up thier own arse! 

Last nights show did way more than make me laugh at Joey, the camp mates and of course the comedy legends Ant and Dec - I have to congratulate the producers on making me and hopefully many more people stop and think about the reality of what's happening around us and what our kids are looking up to and aspiring to be and become!

I honestly believe that a huge tide turned last night, one that's been waiting to turn for a long long time! 

Of course we like to laugh at reality shows, I'm as guilty as the next resident of this country at laughing at others stupidity, flamboyance and disrespect for others. of course these many reality shows are entertaining of course they are what fill our family conversations but last nights show filled my house and my head with a far different, far more inspiring and far more thought provoking topic - the topic of what really is beautiful and what are our next generation actually aspiring to be? 

The huge problem with so many reality shows, as I see it, is our young and a whole generation that want to start changing themselves because they feel less than, not good enough and unable to feel part of normal life as a result of watching our new generation of celebrities constantly trying to change the way they look! 
This in itself is a huge topic and not one I'm going to expand on here but it's amazing that a show like "I'm a Celebrity" brought this to the forefront and really got me thinking! 

I've just read Joeys story from his childhood, well done to the journalist that wrote this story, it's heartbreaking, and as a result of hearing about his journey I'll be far more mindful now when I laugh and become annoyed at his antics, really I will! No wonder he can't tie his shoelaces, blow his nose or tell the time - I feel guilty for even laughing now. I want to laugh with Joey but not at him! 

Everyone has a story and thanks to I'm a celebrity" I have been reminded to not just take people on face value, what's the saying? "Never judge a man unless you've walked a mile in his shoes" 

So I say to you, if you think you're a bit over wieght, if your nose isn't perfect, if you are paler than half the population of Essex, if your hair isn't perfect, if your clothes aren't the latest label, if your car isn't top of the range it matters not one little bit as long as your heart is good, your spirit full and your mind focused, because if you have these three things you shine brighter than any cosmetic dental implant and that in my book is a diamond I'd rather stare at and admire. 

Change for you, be who you want to be, don't change to be who you think is great, that's thier stuff not yours! Lead not follow, make new paths not tread old avenues, don't compromise yourself and who you can really be that's about as real as the very spray tan some of us have had in the past! (me included! It's progress not perfection!) 

I am also as guilty as some I mentiion wanting to change, most of it is positive, some however I am sure will see as vanity. Let me explain, I have a bald spot, I've had it since birth, I cover it with a product not because of vanity but because it covers a childhood of bullying and being calked "Baldy" amongst other things! You see when the fake tits appear, when the constant spay tans are promoted, when watches are worn on ankles it may be for a far deeper reason and not just for us to take this piss out of and laugh at, it may also simply be for vanity, who am I to say, shit I've taken the piss a hundred times out of Harry, Amy and others - guilty as charged, but life is always about change! 

I love we have stars, I love eccentricity, I love the bizarre but I love more that a beautiful woman with a beautiful nose and a huge heart and who went through years of pain, self sacrifice and hours and hours of training to swim one race to win one medal taught us all a lesson last night and made me think, contemplate and re name the fish! 


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