Wednesday, 13 November 2013


I am guilty as charged for referring to myself as "Just the warm up bloke" way too many times to mention, indeed if I am honest, in some peoples eyes or on some of the shows I have worked on  this is true, I am not so lost in show business to think that my small role is any more important than anyone else's! 

Today I realize that this is not and will never again be the case! Why? Because I am proud of what I do, I give every effort I can when doing it and over the past seven days I think I may have proved, not only to myself but others, (I hope) I am far from "Just" anything! 

I am alive, on top of my game and embracing life on life's terms and trying, wherever possible, to change everything in my life to a positive energy, to give not take, to shine bright and to tread new paths not follow a crowd because I'm scared of choice and change!

This last week has seen me work with some of the biggest stars, not just in this country but in the world, I held together audiences so that the biggest names in TV, radio and music could ply thier trade. Is this a big headed statement? No! It's a statement of pride! 

I write this however not for me to brag about my blessed life but for you, it a small message to the double figured number of you that may or may not read this. 

Don't ever let anybody tell you you are a "Just" , not now not ever! 

You are as important as the next person you stand with, walk with and embrace, YOU are an integral part of life, anyone who questions that needs to remove thier head from the very place they referred to you as "Just!" 

A job title is unimportant, it's just a title! What you are as a human, what you put into this world and what you are prepared to give back to life is important. 

This week I warmed up BBC's Children In Need, The X Factor, worked in a big blue tent for O2, and shook hands with Cliff Richard on Loose Women, I also stood next to and called out the names of some of the biggest stars in music, radio and TV, today however it wasn't just me that stood in the wings and watched Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams sing with the icon Barry Manilow, it wasn't just me that met Cliff, got a picture with Lady GaGa, chatted to Kermit, Gonzo and Miss Piggy or met a man on his stag weekend with only his sister (Don't ask!) no, It was a collection of very very important people,  

Jay my lovely dry cleaner and his charming wife prepared the suit that I stood proud in, the lovely man at my local supermarket who collects the trollies gave me my wobbly trolley to fill with things to make my teeth shine and my belly full, the cobler who gave me comfy shoes to walk in, the brilliant outspoken inspirational father of many who drove me in his car so that I arrived on time, the team who made the dinner at The Apoloo so that I worked with energy, the lady who collected the used dinner plates so that we could eat again today, the person who laminated my pass so that I could get in and out of the building, the man that made the nail so that I could hang said pass with pride in my house, the person who swept my street so that my shoes stayed clean, the guys that stood in the pissing rain in Twickenham to fix a generator so my microphone would work, the lady who cleaned my dressing room so that it was a nice place to walk into, the guy who who stood out all night in the freezing cold to gaurd the building I will work in tonight, the list goes on and on, but it may, if we stop and think for just a minute make all of us realise none of us are a "Just" we are all so much more! 

If we take pride in our work, if we do it selflessly, if we could only, just for a fleeting moment, realise how important we are to life, then this world will be a better place. 

It's not wrong to dream, to hope, to have aspirations, it's not wrong to want better things for ourselves and our families but it is wrong to do it at the expense of others and even worse when we do reach our goals and dreams to forget who helped us along our way and no, not just the boss; the cobbler, the baker and the candlestick maker! 

If you question other people. If you look down on other people, if you choose to point the finger at others for mistakes you have made yourself, if you choose to judge by a look, a smell, a traditional dress, a sexual orientation, a hair cut, a car, a house, a pair of jeans or a job you could never see yourself doing, then you (And I, in the past, am as guilty as the next person) have an opotunity to change, not just us but the way of our  world! 

Let's all stop in our day and take a moment to talk to someone, to smile, to say thank you, to ask how they are. Stop and give someone a moment of your time, give encouragement, give advice, give of yourself freely, why? Because you can! 

In a world where everything cost something, this is utterly free and the best bit of it all is - you will learn something new about a fellow human, what a joy! 

You might just inspire someone to do the same and thus the ball will start to role...

Have I perfected this, not in a million years, but I'm trying and that's all that's important or indeed matters, nobody is perfect! 

Thank for not being "Just" a reader of this little blog, for by reading it, you just did a very kind thing for another, namely me! 


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