Friday, 24 January 2014

Mind The Gap!

So somebody emptied a whole lot of quick drying cement in the wrong place on the London underground thus causing the whole of the Victoria line to be shut. There are mistakes and then there are mistakes, this one is a huge mistake on many levels, under any normal circumstances dropping a load of quick drying cement in the wrong hole wouldn’t be the end of the world but in this case it caused the closure of a whole line of the underground network in one of the busiest cities in the world. Oops!
I can only presume the person responsible for this has been fired, it would be the natural reaction from any boss who has no doubt had to take some very uncomfortable phone calls and is probably trying to dig himself and his company out of a far faster drying cement than the stuff laid over the signal boxes of the Victoria line!
I would like to ask (If this is a genuine mistake) that this person responsible for saying the immortal words “Drop it here” not be sacked, the mistake has happened and sacking him or her doesn’t change anything, the cement is still quick drying, the line is still closed and the problem still exists, sacking him or her doesn’t change a thing and more importantly solve anything other than make someone feel important and more powerful!
We are all too quick in life to apportion blame, I can imagine meetings, focus groups, disciplinary boards and timetables being discussed at great length in a darkened meeting room with suits and high vis wearing people trying to blame one another, procedures will be changed, more red tape implemented and chains of commands formed, it will be a management hoo har and I am awaiting our wonderful major to pop up dressed in a white that that doesn’t fit and a high vis jacket that is two sizes too small telling us everything is going to be ok, but what about the poor person who made the wrong call at the wrong time that caused us all to be a little inconvenienced!
Let’s for once do what this great country thrives on and what has become the backbone and spirit of this fine nation and capital city, lets laugh at the mistake, have a bit of banter, all grab a sledge hammer, break up the cement, fix the signals, get the tube up and running and take the piss out of the bloke for the next few months, it’s what we do best and what will always keep us so vibrant and alive.
Admittedly some journeys home will be a nightmare, but let’s all just picture the poor persons face when realising the mistake that was quick drying in front of their very eyes!  I only hope we can then all afford ourselves a little smile and make new plans and take new adventures on our way home, you never know something exciting may happen as a result! New roads, new paths, new experiences, new life emotions!
Pick up the paper as you wait for the longer journey home and read the headlines from Syria, a bit of concrete is nothing in comparison to what is going on in the world, really it isn’t!
We have all done and made stupid mistakes in our lives, but let’s, on this occasion, have a chuckle, promise never to do it again and get to fixing the problem rather than banging on for weeks, months and years about how it happened, it happened, move on, move up and on this occasion, don’t worry about “Minding The Gap” It’s gone and filled with a lovely grey coloured concrete!

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