Thursday, 16 January 2014

Frank Friday.

It is a very sad day today as I finally put my pink suitcase into retirement, after travelling the length and breadth of the country with me on BGT and The X Factor over the past years it has reached the end of the road! It has been replaced with a mighty fine thing with more pockets than a snooker table and straps and compartments, a little confusing and not as basic or simple as my little pink case but it was time for true change in my touring equipment and I shall now pull a rather lovely grey Swiss thing around with me, you see it’s not just penknife’s!

I stopped today and gave some of my time to someone less fortunate than myself, as a result of this some really nice things happened to me, firstly I met a lovely Scottish man called Frank, we had a chat on the way to the station and I got to talk to a complete stranger about stuff, yep, I met a stranger and I liked him. Sadly as a result of my first encounter I missed my train home to where the car is parked, this meant the slow train home and a bus, this bothered me not one bit, I have come to realise over the past year that sometimes things just happen for a reason to fight them is to try, I believe, to change destiny, so I just got on with it, because of stopping I had to use the bus I got to whistle “The Wheels On The Bus” for real, a thing I do in my warm up often, now this may seem a little odd, but while sharing it on twitter, it made me smile, laugh and feel very happy. You see if I had not had stopped and talked to someone, I would not have met Frank, I wouldn’t have got to feel so happy and laugh while sat on a bus. Now I don’t say this to make myself feel special but to just try and share that sometimes just going with the flow rather than fighting it can and in this instance did turn out to be a very enjoyable experience, something I am going to try and do more of!

This then got me thinking, wouldn’t it be amazing if you, the few that read this, did this tomorrow, let’s call it “Frank Friday” and just slow down, look around and go at the pace the universe so desired, I kind of reckon it’s like letting go of self will and just seeing what happens, I mean really, what’s the worst that could happen here?

Tomorrow I return to another series on the road of “Britain’s Got Talent” and of course to the routines such as “My name is Alan and I think I might be gay!” “Oh God I’m Good!” and of course “5,6,7,8” There will no doubt be a wedgy, a laugh and “A look” from the headmaster, but I am truly grateful to once again return to a place that has been a huge part of my life and deliver some new material and no doubt the use of some random persons mobile phone.
I am so privileged and grateful to once again stand in front of  Amanda, David, Alecia and of course the world wide superstar and friend Simon Cowell. To also even be on the same stage (Or just to the right!) as our countries biggest stars Ant and Dec and of course to have some banter with Stephen as he returns a far bigger (and rightly so) star than when we all departed last summer. Grateful doesn't even cover it!

Belfast you are the starter for ten, I cannot, once again, wait to be in your company for it was some 15 years ago we last met and had the best time ever, sadly without my little pink case, but to be honest, that’s probably not a bad thing!

Thank you for reading and have a “Frank Friday!"



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