Thursday, 30 January 2014

Behind every man....

Behind every man, so goes the saying, is a strong woman, or indeed in some parts of this wonderful world, behind every woman is a strong woman.

Never a truer word spoken. I can only speak from experience but my Martha is my rock, on so many levels, but not what I want to write about here. (She already knows, I tell her enough!)

As a man I get really pissed off when I hear of women getting less pay than men because they are woman, if it wasn’t for the women of this world then I would doubt the men would even be in a position to indeed get that high wage, but we seem hell bent on separating men from women when it comes to the pay cheque, utter madness!

Look at any high flying successful business man and I pretty much guarantee you behind that person sitting under the title of "PA" is a woman, or if not, a very capable gay man (Who is indeed very in touch with his female side) Who truly understands the need of another man. Yet some of these successful business men still insist on paying females less, indeed the person who sets up the meetings, schedules the rooms and sends the letters e-mails and party invites to announce such archaic sentiments is indeed a woman, oh the irony!

I mentioned gay men in my last paragraph because (and I have met a lot) in my business they seem to be as level headed, creative, nurturing and forward thinking as a lot of women I know!

Let’s not get carried away here and say men left to their own devices are hopeless – No lets! It is my experience a grown man left to cope by himself can excel for a short while, but it is not long before the world comes crashing down around them, no matter how insignificant some men think women are I truly believe they would not survive without the amazing humans they call women.

If you need any further proof of how vital, important and strong women are then look no further than history, Women have faced so much sexism and segregation I could write a list as long as this computers battery would allow me, yet still some men seem to think they are not worthy of the same pay and rewards that so many men receive. You only have to look at my (And yours) amazing Queen to find the essence of a strong woman.

I have noticed that there is a huge possibility Hillary Clinton may run for the next presidency of The United States of America, never has a woman been so right to lead the great United States. She watched her husband and learnt, she has faced much in her life and still she remained loyal, strong and inspiring, she is level headed, a leader not a follower and a maker of new rules, new horizons and new targets, she is a woman of change and a woman of much humility, pretty much like Obama, yet she went through a task no other president of the united states could even imagine, child birth! That alone gives her a head start on any other leader ever given the title of The President Of The United States Of America for it is something no man could ever endure, unless of course he was surrounded by women!

Before every man starts kicking off – just stop for a minute and think!  I bet you wouldn’t be where you are today without the woman you are thinking about now!

Pay them less? Hell no, pay them more, and where did my inspiration come for this blog, a woman! Go figure!

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