Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Fog.

There is a dense fog over the land this morning. This fog can also be related to life, for some.

When the fog comes down and inevitably it does, in all our lives at some point, it is hard to see where we are going, it’s a dark disconcerting and lonely place. We tend to follow others to find our path even though they may possibly be in the same fog. We hold out our hands to find there is nobody to guide us through the density of life, as we see no way out as our heads bow and our resolve to find a clear view diminishes, the fog only gets thicker, the view darker and the loneliness greater, it can be a desperate place filled with panic and sorrow.

Sometimes we hold out our hand, we ask for help, sometimes we don’t.

The fog always lifts, nowhere in this world does it stay forever and as the fog lifts a new view comes into light, we can see more, we are less engrossed looking for escape and more interested in the choices facing us. When the fog was imbedded around us we could only look straight forward, we had no other option, and it was survival, those who tried to look other ways crashed, tripped over or indeed found themselves in a thicker fog treading over the same ground with the same limited view.

So the fog lifts often by way of others guiding us to a high ground to rise above the density of the day and when it does all sorts of wonders can face us, all sorts of roads open up in front of us and we are again in control of choice, we now have the freedom to pick our route, our destination our fate.

The truth is if you don’t know the way out it is very difficult to find it, I have tried and the fog only got thicker, the view smaller and the desperation greater, it was a journey of never ending circles and the same old view. Now I have a much clearer view of life, truly I do, why? I held out my hand and asked for help. You see everyone has walked this path, many have also trained hard and have great experience of the route out, many have seen this journey many times before and they have the answers, the strength and the knowledge to find the road right for you to a greater view. I did just this.

The journey to the freedom of magical view can be a long one, but once your hand is held you can relinquish all responsibility of trying to find the way out by yourself, for now you have a guide, someone who has walked and seen many others walk your same path – They know the way out!

Help is at hand and a map to freedom available, and when the fog comes again, and it will, you will have the tools, the knowledge and the strength to not only deal with the misty journey but hopefully be able to hold out your hand for another who is lost in the same darkness, loneliness and panic of being fog bound as you once were.

Although foggy today, I can see past the front of my nose, I have knowledge, freedom and strength, I know I am not alone.

Have a beautiful day and if your fog today is thick and all-encompassing know you are not alone, seek help and hold out your hand. If your fog is just an inconvenience try giving someone a smile, a hand or a hug, they may just possibly be stuck in the fog of life.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you to the Priory hospital for taking my hand.

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