Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Piers Morgan.

Having worked for and with Piers Morgan for a number of years I would like to respond to this article written about him.


I have been Pier's warm up guy on "Britain's Got Talent", "America's Got Talent" and "Piers Morgan's Life Stories" for a number of years now. I have sat in close company with Piers on long days with huge schedules and often witnessed him working after stepping straight from a plane and jet lagged much. Never once have I EVER experienced Piers being "Rude" nor "Mistreat" ANY of his employees or anyone who works on the show with him.

I have, on many occasion, used Piers for the but of my jokes and if honest they have been sometimes cutting and in some peoples mind a little cruel, never once did Piers EVER respond with rudeness, anger or anything other than a good comical banter.

Piers is kind, generous, thoughtful and fun to be around. Honestly in over eight years I have never witnessed him having "An off day" or indeed being rude to anyone, and if their was anyone to be rude to, I would have been his first port of call. Anyone who has witnessed us together on a TV set would testify to that.

So I say to the person who has written this cruel, untrue, damaging article and to the unnamed source, You do not know him, you have never worked with him and you are simply trying to make a name for yourself at the cost of a mans integrity. Hold your head in shame!

Working with Piers is never dull but its never rude, never horrible and never disrespectful. I work "Under Piers" to clarify for the sake of the article, but have never felt lower or less important or disrespected.

Thank you.

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