Friday, 11 April 2014


One of the most rewarding parts of my job is watching people I have worked with for years rise up the ranks of show business to jobs of great responsibility and to reach their dreams.

Four years ago Harry Styles auditioned for The X Factor (Along with the other boys but not on this day) and today they live their dreams, as does a friend of mine (who I knew as a researcher) who now returns as the boss of the show he started on. I have watched so many kids start in my business and now watch as they take roles of great responsibility, it’s humbling and honestly so good to watch and experience. The best bit is the true stars have not changed one bit, maybe a little, but on the whole they have remained true to themselves and grateful for the journey they are on right now. That’s why they are the stars they are and will last the journey!

I watched Piers Morgan grow from an editor of a newspaper to a star both here and in America, I watched a man sit in a judging seat who nobody really knew rise to worldwide super stardom and now someone everyone knows as just “Simon!” I watched some boys now known as 1D, jump up and down in a car park and now go by a number and a letter and have influenced the lives of millions across the globe, I shared Angle Delight with Olly Murrs and his family and had the joy of watching him perform as a true star this week,  I watched runners become execs and friends grow into great jobs, I sat with a friend in Scotland as she auditioned hopefuls and now she looks after the world formats for The X Factor and Britain’s Got talent, I remember a young Kelly Osbourne with mum down at The X Factor, now I watch her on TV looking amazing and gleaming with inner peace, I remember Dermot on his first day and now he is Mr Saturday Night, the list goes on and on!

Watching lives change, careers developed and new powers and influences born is really a brilliant thing to experience, the best bit is, I still get to take the piss and enjoy the banter of life with them, I am one very blessed lucky guy.

As I read it was Harry's 4th birthday from starting his journey it prompted me to right this blog as this is also a great lesson for anyone wanting to enter into this life of lights, camera and action or indeed anyone wanting to enter into any business and start the road working for a living!

Never ever think you are a nobody or a nothing, never think you are not important or not special, never stop believing in yourself or dreaming your dreams, never stop when others tell you that you are not good enough, never doubt yourself or the career you so want to do and never ever take the first no as the definitive end, it’s their “No” Not yours!

In show business as in every business, there is a list, The big boss sits at the top and the least experienced or the “New person” sits at the bottom, but you are not at the bottom because you are less important or not worthy, always remember it is the person at the bottom who holds the rest of the names up, and honestly the person who sits at the top, was, at some point in their lives, sat where you are possibly now, or indeed may have once been.

Hard work, dedication, commitment, kindness and a true passion for what you do will always shine through and will always get noticed, that in life is a fact but and it’s a huge but, you have to take the knocks along the way, without them you will never learn or grow as a person. Life is a bumpy path, it will not always be a bed of roses, not every day is going to be an amazing day, but if you stay centred, stay focused and truly believe in yourself, even if when it seems everyone around you does not, then you will reach your goals and your dreams.

Taking risk is the key, sometimes in life have to step out of our comfort zones, you know when it will be the right risk to take, you will feel it and if you get it wrong, fuck it, what a great story to tell around a dinner table one day!

Sit back, don’t be jealous of others, don’t judge yourself by others, don’t try and be like others, be you, find you, learn from the knocks of life and shine bright and be proud of yourself for taking the risks and know the hard days will come, it’s not what the sadness is or how hard the knock is, it’s how you deal with it that will define you as a person!

Stake your claim to your dream and do not let one person tell you it is not achievable, EVERY dream is achievable!

The list of people I know and love and have watched and watch live their dream is too long to mention, but as I stand in the corner, mic in hand, I watch with a huge sense of pride, a big smile on my face and think and a belief that the big guy upstairs has a plan, you just got to wait till he is ready, the question you need to ask yourself, are you?

Work hard, think of others, be kind, and dedicate yourself to the job in hand. Always apologise quickly if you make a mistake, and you will! Be honest, heartfelt and mindful and everything you ever wished for will come true. Always think of others first, be selfless, its the greatest gift in life!

If you hate what you do, change it, if you want something else, work for it and if you have a dream, go chase it, life is too short not too!

Who knows it could start by simply jumping up and down in a car park, but it may be an idea to make sure an audition is taking place, you’re going to look pretty stupid if you do it on a random Saturday on your own!

Never judge anyone before you judge yourself, lead not follow and most importantly be “YOU” because “YOU” is the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with!


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