Monday, 7 May 2018

I just can't get my head round it!

I thought I'd write a post about things I just cannot get my head around! I don't need replies, it's not a quiz!

Buying a "99" ice cream for £2!

1p pieces!


Always saying 'Hello" To Becky Martin when  she does the weather!

Anyone who hits or smacks children. They lost it, not the kid! It's my number one pet hate!

When buying a glass of wine it's poured into a metal tube thing then poked into a glass with a measuring line!

Buy one get the second one half price! I only want one!

Parents who don't put Sun screen on thier young children!

Parking restrictions!


The cost of makeup! (Dad to a daughter)

How a fax gets put into a machine and arrives at the other end in the same format!

Being unkind or nasty to someone to make someone feel better!

Getting hayfever at 42 years old!



Why men are ashamed of crying, emotion and being true! We got this Men and it's ok.

Michael Gove!

Michael Grove again. Back stabber! Power hungry and disloyal!

Anyone who is cruel to an animal.

Not replying to a text, message or phone call!

Black pudding!

Tax returns!

Remembering passwords!


Why men stand up for a wee and women sit down! Why can't we all just sit down?

Why first class costs £6000 And economy £500. Leg room and better wine! Although an upgrade is the best feeling in the world!

Fighting, stabbing, shooting!

Men who put down women because they are women. I just don't get it!

A packed gym in January. An empty one in March!

Black pudding!

People who wear socks with Sandals!

Men who wear "Uggs"

People who love tomatoes but can't have tomatoe soup.

Homework! Do our young ones not do enough!

Why Simon Cowell is not "Sir Simon!"

The milk cartons in hotel rooms when there is a fridge! Bring the fresh milk!

Getting hayfever at 44!

Motorbikes with three weals!

People who use people to better themselves!

Vegans! What? No Sunday roast?

People who ride motorbikes in shorts and T -shirts. Have they not watched the A&E programs!


Trying to change your whole self to look like or be like someone famous! Save the money and go on holiday!

How a traffic warden can be happy in thier job!


How my phone knows exactly where I am and what I'm doing!

Frigin duvet cover!

Why Gary Barlow never realised "Dying Inside?"  Such a beautiful song and so personal to me!

Why Dermot never got to host the American "The X Factor!"

Anyone who has not watched "Love Actually" "The eagle has landed" "The sound of music"  and anything on "Netflix" This list could go on forever!

Why people on building sites have to wear a helmet and high his jacket even though thier is nothing that fall on them and when on TV I'm pretty sure we know where they are with all the cameras and lights! Actually let's break this down....Bloody "Health and safety!"

Some people's eye brows!

Unkind people.

The bloody PC brigade!


And finally before I bore you all, I honestly cannot get my head around those people who walk into an empty store with a barrier system and still stick to the rules of said barrier system! Actually I hate the rules!

Stand up, stand out, have the best day and I'll never get my head round everything, so I've learnt to just smile at it!

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