Thursday, 3 May 2018

A letter to my teenage self!

I thought I’d write a letter to your teenage self, with bullet points and no music , although the music would have been good!

Take from this what you will!

Dear Ian.
Not everyone is going to like you and that's ok. You honestly can’t please everyone and you don’t have too! It’s not part of life s deal!
Tell someone you love them, it doesn’t make you weak it makes you honest.
Laugh out loud!
Just because you are a boy it doesn’t mean you can’t talk about stuff, it’s ok not to be ok.t’s ok to be sad, it’s ok to be scared, it’s ok to cry, it’s ok to be vunrable , it really is ok to be you.
One day you won’t have to call a girl and speak to the parents first!
Drugs are a one way street to death, misery and no escape from reality. Step away, they don’t work!
If an opportunity comes up, grab it with both hands and don’t crash it down, you are worthy of it! You really are!
It’s ok if you are shit at running!
You are never going to use a fraction or algebra again in your life!
Invest in a thing called “Mobile phones!”
Don’t judge people, only judge yourself.
Be kind always.
You’ll always find an odd sock!
Laugh at yourself!
Don’t drink that whiskey with your mates, you’ll never be able to smell it again!
Not everything comes with chips!
Write a diary
Sex gets better with age, then worse! Sex is not love, respect yourself!
Your heart will break , it’s life.
Learn to cook something. Even one thing!
Save some money for a rainy day, honestly you’ll have a few of them!
Tony Hadley will still be singing , ABBA will come back and Paul Wellor, Madness, and Duran Duran are not going anywhere! However Rupert the bear, 99 red balloons and “Shut up ya face” best you let go!
Buying a house will send you into meltdown.
You will never sort the cables out behind the TV! Ever!
Nothing will feel better than a new pair of trainers!
Make your bed every morning.
Call someone.
Give back to some one.
Say sorry and mean it along with making amends.
On a scone, jam before cream!
Life is not about money, power, success, ego and fame. Life is about sitting alone with yourself, just happy.
Have a drink at 6am at an airport, it’s the law!
You don’t need to iron t shirts in the winter,  a jumper is going on top anyway!
Don’t spend money on a window cleaner, do it yourself, it’s very therapeutic!
Get a jar and throw your odd change in it, you’ll need it one day!
If you are on holiday on a wooden sunbed you just made it! If you are not, you still made it, you are still on holiday!
Piers Morgan will always be your friend, drive you mad and never be offended.
Custard is  the gift that keeps on giving!
Loyalty is everything. At any cost never ever shy away from it.
Be spontaneous!
Don’t question it, it is what it is. Embrace it!
Jump in a swimming pool fully clothed , if you do it on New year’s eve you just nailed it!
Do some painting and decorating, after 2o minutes of “Cutting in" on the edges you’ll understand why working hard to never have to do this is so important!
Make tea every 5 minutes for your decorator!
Changing a duvet cover will drive you mad!
Go to the Maldives, Thailand, America, Bali, Blackpool, Wales, Scotland and without question, Barbados!
Always have a toothpick!
Fairy lights wrapped around a tree are heaven!
You are going to meet someone called Simon before anyone knew who Simon was. Stand by him at any cost.
Butterscotch angel delight is heaven on earth.

Be brave!

Support a football team.

Hug some one again..

Be honest with no shame!

What are you worried about, Ian? You’ve got a roof over your head, food, an amazing job and a kid who loves you in conditionally You got this!

Put crisps in your sanwhich!

Never eat salad when out for dinner!

Don't buy a sit up machine thing, you'll only hang your clothes on!






And always be kind and the change! You have that power Ian. You really do!

And always be true to you! Because you are everything!

Hi Ian....listen....

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