Tuesday, 8 May 2018

We got this guy's

PIe ase dont post this for you for feel sorry fot me, i really dont, but sometimes writting is good therapy and talking is good, yes men, that's ok! It really is!

I've always written from my heart and today I belive honesty is truly the best policy. I've kinda shared most of my life via social media AND I've got not one regret, it's just me! And I make no apology for me!

My mum is dying in front of my very eyes, dementia is cruel as are so many other life taking conditioners. I now have a greater understanding of the pain this drawn out process is! My uncle Mike just lost a battle with cancer in a very short space of time, my heart breaks for his son, Elliot and his family. Watching someone you love so deeply and slowly go away is beyond heartbreak.

The problem is when you suffer from PTSD and one of your major triggers is loss it's like magnifying it by 100!

When my brother died in a car accident it was sudden, no goodbyes, last words or amends, it just happens and the pain is so deep, watching and hearing my mum is just as bad, although you get to say things, you also get to watch the process of dying! It's simply horrific. The pain is beyond any words I could write. Its just soul destroying!

So the point of this blog?

I beg you to pick up a phone, talk to someone you love, reply to a text, be kind and thoughtful, think of others and as I always say, :We only have today!" We do ityreally do! Love, empowerment of others and hugs, should always be the starting point of any day!
Life can go in seconds, don't waist it! Eat the cake, do something that scares you, help someone, don't plan ahead, do it now!
You, yes YOU!  Are unique, beautiful, important, relevant, life changing and capable of so much, belive in yourself as I do you!

Am I hurting? Yes, and that's ok men!

It's a "We" thing not a "Me thing! Guys.

We got this and you lovely lot.

To hurt is ok, to talk about it is ok and to be vunrable is ok. You see guys, I just talked!

Please join me.

You are not alone.

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