Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sorry Justin!

I never really see the point of tipping a barman, unless of course you are there for the evening and you are going to need some quick service at a "two deep" bar. However I have to say it was almost impossible not to drop a few coins in this little beauty!

I do not like some people, it is impossible to like everyone, however I hate nobody!

I do however have one man in my past that I simply cannot forgive for his treatment of me some years a go! This man is a particularly nasty piece of work and frankly a bully, who, when I was first starting out in the business was nothing less than vile, controlling, manipulating and a damn right horrible human being, we have not talked since the day he humiliated me in front of a whole office full of people!
I was shocked when I received an e-mail from him with one of those questionnaires "I want to get to know you better" oh this was going to be fun! I only answered two questions of the 20!

If you had only 24 hours to live, what would you do?
Tell your wife about the time I caught you with another man in the men's toilets doing things I thought only worthy of a porn film!
What sound or noise do you love?
The intake of breath from your mouth when you realise you sent this to me!

Portugal and its airport pleases me greatly, take note all other airports in the world, if you want me in a great mood on arrival, this is was you need to do!

On holiday my family, along with our friends and their kids went to a typical Portuguese fun fair, of what joy! 
I was really happy to see that all sorts of prizes could be won, guns, flick knifes, things that explode but the scariest of them all, this barking dog!

At home I love the fact that our NHS really has not lost its sense of humour!

I was over the moon to get shown on ITV2 Xtra Factor this week, my part gets bigger each week! Week one saw me in the background eating (Bald spot on show) Week two had me thanking the judges (Bald spot on show) what ever this week? Guess we will both have to tune in and find out!

I again apologise for the spelling and grammar, if spell check doesn't get it, then my dyslexia really isn't going to help!


  1. Funny, my little girl won one of those dogs in Portugal , it was so evil looking!

  2. Just seen that you have had to remove your FB account due to some mindless twats that have nothing better to do than abuse you're family. Please don't let them win.... please open a fan page that we can all 'like' (just like the 'get Royey on TV' page) so that we can still get your updates even if we are not on twitter. You have a lot of fans and a huge following on FB, please don't let the haters get to you - WE LOVE YOU ROYCEY!!!!! Much love to you and your family - you don't deserve this xxxxxxx

  3. Is this FB page real? Pls confirm - I'm sure you won't want your fans targetted by the evil little bastards that got you and your family.!/pages/Ian-Royce/248677621809609

  4. My daughter has that dog, it's hideous - she loves it!


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