Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Brave brave Sallie.....

So I've finished a the first few recordings of the next series of Piers Morgan's "Life Stories" 
We had, without question, two of his best guests ever!
First up was Julie Goodyear, I promise your chin will hit the floor and the Pete Waterman you will require some tissues, they will be on ITV in the autumn. They are not to be missed!

(Piers is not interviewing me - yet! Lol) 

Sometimes in life it's good to stand up for what is not right - I congratulate this seagul for its defiance and silent protest!

I have a new pet hate! 
Is it just me or is the below cunudram the most bloody frustrating and annoying thing EVER!!??

Is the fourth one an "O" or a "C" ? This challenge is becoming a regular event in my life and its begining  more and more frustrating!?

I'm happy to inform you it is not an "O" (I failed!)

The most bloody annoying thing about playing this game is I will never ever know the answer - I wonder if after you get it wrong the Internet site could at least give you the correct answer! 

I visited a very brave courageous lady in hospital today (Wednesday) namely The Royal Marsden, for those who are not aware this is a hospital who's primary care is the treatment of cancer. 

As I walked the corridors en route to the ward I was expecting a place of much sadness and upset, how very wrong I was - It turned out to be a place of many smiles and much laughter formed by people who are far braver than I! It was inspiring (as is my friend Sallie!) and it truly gave me something to think about - 
How long do we have? How lucky are we right now? How big  are our problems? Are we living each day to the full? Are we pleasing other people rather than caring for ourselves? Most importantly though my question to myself was; I
If I only had two weeks left to go, how would I spend it? 
We do not know how long we have - live it - breath it - but most importantly, take nothing for granted! 
(As you can see it was a long list of pondering questions but it was a long walk from the ward to reception!)

I was in Selfridges recently and the below were in the men's shoe section! 

Who for the love of God would wear such a trainer? 

Two names  poped into my head....Rylan and my friend Russel! 

I did however find a beautiful pair of swiming shorts however they will never be hugging my arse as I dive bomb my kid in a random swiming pool! Why?  a small price tag of over £350 - well maybe one day! 

I love America, always have done, always will do but I wonder if there is any need to have so many McDonald's across this vast land? 

The hottest day of the year a few days ago and my thoughts go out to this beauty, who I don't blame for having an afternoon nap!!!

Right I'm off for a small operation,(I've been nil by mouth for a few hours now and I'm frigin starving)

Have a fantastic weekend - I know I will even if it won't involve any running! 


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  1. Hi there, can you advise when the Julie Goodyear interview will be shown please? The producers contacted me for Corrie fan poll results from the Coronation Street Blog and I'd like to know if they are being used on the show and if our website gets a mention, please?


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