Sunday, 30 June 2013

1D Love Heart!

I'm must be doing something right as I actually got a hug from Janet St Porter at the Loose Women wrap party, I love Janet, she is straight talking, no fluff or bullshit and definitely no "flowered up" conversation - it's so refreshing and our banter always makes me leave the LW studio with a big smile and another restraining order! 

I love working on Loose Women, when I first approached the show some in the business asked what the fuck I was doing warming up daytime shows? Why was I not staying on "The big shows?" (No names mentioned) Let me tell you now LW is a "Big Show" it's also one of the hardest (and most rewarding) warm-up's I do, the topics are so varied you really have to be ready to get an audience  to "move with the mood" if you add that to keeping all the ladies happy its a show you cannot take lightly. 

The brilliant comedian, Karl Lucas, is the master at these shows (and many others both daytime and prime time) and if you are ever free one day I'd highly recommend a visit to London Studios to see the recording of LW - it starts again in September. 

I loved seeing this emergency van - NCP car parks actually have a "Dog Rescue" unit! Brilliant!

This is seriously one of the best bits of art I have seen in a long time! 

As I'm sure most of you know I'm just out of hospital following a small operation. 

I arrived in my room which wasn't far off a hotel room and unpacked a few bits, the lovely nurse came in and gave me a gown and the most pathetic excuse for underwear I have ever seen! 

I put them on and simply wondered "Why?" 

They didn't fit, they were completely see through and I was going to be knocked out for the whole time so really I didn't see the point... 

I then put the gown on, which for those of you who have had an operation will know ties up at the back, I'm so glad nobody walked in, it's was like an episode of "Inspector Gadget" doing spins with a bollock hanging out! 

I'll leave you with the picture in your minds - trust me - it wasn't that pretty! 

One Direction, are still storming the world and it would seem the phenomenon and excitement continues around a great bunch of very talented guys, however the excitement around the world was nowhere near my own hysteria at finding out they had their very own "Love Hearts!"

I think I may need  to take up some more hobbies as opening the packet gave me much anticipation...

This was my first 1D love heart....

Luck of the Irish me thinks!

I honestly didn't know wether to laugh or cry! 

Back to The X Factor in a couple of weeks and I'm beginning to get very excited, but who wouldn't? 

My week sees me start the brilliant "Lets Do Lunch", with my friends Gino & the newly married Mel, I am seriously excited to be warming up for one of my favourite comedians, Michael McIntyre, I also get to finish off the week with an exciting meeting with the NSPCC around plans for my 2014 challenge. 

I hope you have a great week and thank you for reading...


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