Saturday, 15 June 2013

Ride like the wind.....

And so i begin my second challenge - 100k bike ride from London to Brighton!

If I can walk it - I can sure as shit ride it! 

With every turn of my wheels today I want to send a message of hope to those who may be sat where I once was and this is my message to you;

You are NOT Evil, you are NOT alone and you need not cry silently any more. 

You no longer have to be in that lonely, dark, terrifying, suffering place and you no longer have to hate yourself with every single thought. 

It has stopped for me and this is why I'm alive enough to ride tomorrow. My spirit has begun to so can yours...

My target? 

To cross the line in Brighton by 1.30pm (no I'm not leaving now!) 

If you have a little to give you can do it here -  

And if you have already donated can I  thank you so very very much. 

Right better get peddling as I'm warming up for Piers Morgan tonight! 

Brighton - I'm coming to get ya! 


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