Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Dear Steve....

I enjoy my banter with you Steve, your so resentful it's funny. I hold no resentment or hatred towards you, really I don't, to win the biggest show on TV then end up desperately singing in coffee shops must be hard for you - I get that, I've been in the business a long time -  I understand your desperation! 

It's banter Steve, or was! 

Your flippant tweet tonight was, as I see it, a total and utter heartless attack on the brave brave people who saved and lost their lives on 7/7. 

When you've stood on a blood slacked platform surrounded by empty body bags ready to go, when you've watched police officers breakdown, when you've seen the faces of family members holding up pictures of loved ones you know are dead, when you've witnessed the silence and utter shock of a capital and a nation, when you've seen communities come together and embrace each other and a pride in helping others regardless of race or religious beliefs - then please come to the table! 

Until then, you keep shouting out loud how hard done by you were by the very show that gives you a voice to disrespect a county, the finest city in the world and the people that lost and saved lives on the darkest day my besutiful Great Britain suffered! 

You owe your nation an apology - I won't hold my breath. 


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