Monday, 7 October 2013


On my way back from Loose Women yesterday I walked past a crying girl called Kelly - I know her name because I chose to stop, I chose to take 2 minutes out of my day, my very privalaged day, to listen, just for a moment. 

I listened to Kelky explain briefly that today it was all getting too much, that normally she "could handle it" - I know and have experienced this cry before! 

She explained she was on a waiting list at St Mungo's - a place for the homeless yet she could not get in, heartbreaking. 

She was young, had an energy about her and was so obviously in a desperate place. 

I do not write this for any other reason than to ask you, (and to make a mental note to myself) how much time we take out of our day to simply think of another help another or just simply give out a smile?

Yesterday I jumped on a train after working in a TV studio to be picked up by my wife in our very nice car to go home and talk to my wife about V.A.T before unpacking the £150 shopping before picking my daughter up from a lovely school to go home watch TV on my big TV, eat good food in the warm and laugh and more importantly love. 

Kelly is on "a list" for a bed and some food and she was openly crying in a street in London because this very simple need was not being met, this should never ever be the case in one of the richest cities in the world - not ever! 

To cry publicly as you walk along is reaching a point of desperation, I am as guilty as the next person for being so indulged in my own high class problems and stuck up my own arse. I can forget my fellow human and stop looking around! How often do we have our heads stuck in our phones busy looking at what a make believe world is doing with its life, if we look up we may just see what a real world is doing with its life and it doesn't need a keyboard, 140 characters or a send button! 

Kelky and I made a pinky promise - I'll pray she gets a break in life, a hot meal and a life she and every human deserves, a life with some love in it, a hand to hold and a pillow to put her head on at night. 

Spare 2 minutes of your time today, give twitter, Facebook and the email account a ten minute rest and look up, take in life and maybe just maybe your smile might just make someone's day! 

Sometimes as my inspiring wife explained yesterday - people just need someone to listen, and more importantly a pinky promise. 

Roycey x

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