Monday, 3 February 2014

Russian Roulette!

I have spent the last few years trying my best to get as many fans as I can to meet their idols whilst working on the biggest shows in TV, It’s been a really great experience watching dreams come true as fans get to meet their idols, especially with Gary Barlow and of course One Direction when hosting their fan event in NYC, watching the excitement, tears and hysteria and meeting their idols has and will remain to be one of the greatest parts of my job. Yesterday I became one of the very people I had met on so many occasions over the years and forgot anything and everything about showbiz etiquette and understanding. I became a fan!

On a trip to the Hyatt’s hotel swimming pool in Birmingham with my Roxy dressed in the very thick comfortable white robes and slippers than not ever in this life will fit I noticed the LFC team coach was parked outside our hotel, as we walked past the gym I saw “The Gaffer” Brendan Rogers working out in the gym, we walked past and then suddenly I became a “Fan” a proper 100%, fan! I turned on my heals, walked back and gave the boss two thumbs up, not any old thumbs up, it was two thumbs up worthy of any 8 year old, Brendan, stared at me with a look of concern, our eyes met and I am sure he could see the desperation of a response in my eyes, he took one hand off the treadmill, which in my book was risking his own life, and returned the thumbs up with a smile! Yes “The gaffer had put his own life at risk to say hello to me, well that’s how I am spinning it!

I turned to look at my daughter who had almost buried her head in her hands! Her hero is Olly Murs, not even she got as excited as I did at that very moment!

Swim done, back to the room and the whole story was read re lived at lest three times to my wife. As my girl’s relaxed, I was washed, changed and ready to head to the foyer in less time than it takes “Cara” to sing “Happy Birthday” (That’s like lightening for anyone not familiar with “Cara””)


I sat and plotted my picture opportunity, I checked what time the coach was leaving and the excitement began to build. Someone tweeted that “Now you know how we feel meeting our idols” This hit home, I was now suddenly experience the same feelings, emotions and excitement as the many I have brought down to “Meet the judges” what a fantastic humbling experience!

I really don’t get stars truck, right now however I was beyond even that!

I sat eating breakfast facing the lobby and on a table not next to the girls, I had to have a clear view and uninterrupted conversation, however there was room  for one, my mate (And to be fair almost comedy writer on BGT) who had arrived at breakfast, did he sit opposite me with his back to the foyer? Don’t be silly, he sat, squashed up next to me, scoffing his full fry up! We were like two teenagers awaiting the arrival of the biggest stars in the world!


AS the team walked to their breakfast and team room, Al smiled, I waved and put my hands up with another “Thumbs up!” Dear God I was lost in excitement of being so close to players who played for the club I have supported my whole life. It doesn’t matter what team you support, indeed if you support a team as I have done your whole life then I have no doubt you completely get my over excitement and obvious embarrassment to my daughter, the only time I have ever come close to this was meeting Emma Thompson, luckily for her she had a Loose Women desk to protect her!


Sadly for Stevie G, he had not that same desk to protect him, he began his walk down the stairs, he looked up, our eyes met, his focus and concentration was plain to see having no doubt just come from the team talk, sadly for him a 6 foot 4 inch crazy eyed obsessed fan smiled a smile of delight, despite the warning from security to not approach the players, this one was opportunity I was not going to miss. Poor Steven, he agreed to the picture but I could see in his eyes he was a little nervous, to be honest, if I had seen me approaching me, I would have been a little nervous!


I got my picture (Just) and the team left for the game.

I have to apologies now to my audience’s in BGT yesterday, anyone I came into contact with, every member of The Hyatt staff, the whole BGT team but importantly my daughter and wife for the constant re living of this story! Indeed even Simon himself began taking the piss as I began to realise the only person becoming hysterical about this meeting was me, nobody else, including the God Stevie G really gave a toss!


But, and here is the great But, I gave a toss, I met man I have watched for years, I met a man I have admired, I met a man who I have sung to on the terraces of Anfield, I ticked one off my bucket list and I got to tell the story! Admittedly over and over again!

America lost a true talent in the shape and form of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, tragic doesn’t even cover it.

Drugs are a game of Russian roulette with your life. FACT! Some will get away with it, some will die, some will never be the same again. The difference between drugs and Russian roulette, it’s not just you that might die, so many others will die around you, maybe not in the physical sense but without question in their souls. Think long and hard before you follow the crowd, pick up the gun and hold it to your head. Pull the trigger by all means, but hear this, the bang is truly a place filled with hurt. Lead not follow and be all you are meant to be, not what others want you to be. It took a lifetime for me to learn that very fact. If you hear nothing else today, I beg you, just for a second, think about it and “Shine bright” and be in control of your destiny,  not the destiny of a drug, a crowd or a fake coolness! 

You're beautiful - So be beautuful!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week..




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