Tuesday, 21 May 2013

"I wish to report a crime"

I walked into a police station yesterday and I reported persons for the offences I pointed out in my last blog.

I have never ever been so scared in all my life, I honestly felt like a small boy walking up the steps of the police station, but I did it!

The officer who dealt with me was both caring, sympathetic, attentive but above all and so importantly professional to the end, she made it a calm place to talk about what I have held up for so very very long, I swear if there was not a screen between us I would have hugged her.

I'm proud I did it, I am happy I did it and now justice can prevail.

I have an appointment to attend and make full statements 8 days and have put a support system in place straight after to protect myself and the emotions I will no doubt be feeling.

For those who who suffer like I did, before taking such a step please make sure you have a support system around you as your about to tell all to a stranger.

Silent no more.



  1. Thinking of you. You are very brave to come forward and make these 'people' (monsters is what they are) pay for what they have done to you. You are an inspiration to all others suffering, if you can do it, they can do it - hopefully xx

  2. You are very inspiring. Anyone who has been victimized deserves justice. I hope that your wounds will now fully heal. Remember you are a unique and complex person, you are not defined by an event that was out of your control. Stay strong in knowing that sharing the hurt and the recovery helps you and others who suffer from such abuse. Bless!


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