Thursday, 30 May 2013

What now?

It's been the most frightening 14 days (To be fair the most frightening life) with more drama, emotion and fear than I could have ever possibly imagined!

You gave me strength and courage when I had none and yesterday I turned a huge corner in my life. 

So what now? 

It's now time to live for the future, to be an example for what life can be like, free of fear, pain and loneliness.  

I still have so much to face from my past but this will be done privately and with the professionals who surround me today. 

To keep living in my past is not helpful, healthy or in anyway a positive to those who still suffer, it's time to be an example of what life can be like!

I am excited about living free of those who for so long controlled me and free of so many negative painful emotions. 

I cannot thank you enough for standing with me, it is without question the most humbling emotional experience I have ever had. 

And for those who shared your experience and made a step into the light - you are so brave and I'm ready to stand with you. 

I shall continue to raise as much money as humanly possible for the NSPCC and have a plan for a mammoth challenge in 2014. 

So stand by universe, I'm ready to shine and live a life full of hope, courage and  love - I've waited long enough! 

Thank you

Roycey x


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