Thursday, 20 February 2014

Artic Advertising Man!

I go to the gym a lot, if you follow me on twitter and even worse if you are a friend of mine on Facebook the never ending postings will no doubt drive you mad, but I make no apology for posting a positive vibe, it kind of motivates me to be honest.

En route to the gym I pass a guy who stands out in all weathers with a cardboard banner tied around his neck advertising a scrap metal yard, you know the kind I mean, he is like a walking advertising board. This guy is amazing, he waves at cars, never have I seen him not smiling, at Christmas he dressed up as Santa, he is sometimes found singing and as I pass him on my journey to “work out” he never ever fails to make me smile, indeed I now make a point of giving him a thumbs up and always try and grab his attention to give him a “You’re an amazing guy” smile.

To many his job may not be important, but what I love about this guy is he has taken it so seriously and not decided to just stand miserable and annoyed that his day is spent advertising a scrap metal place, he has taken it to a new level, he has embraced his roll and he most importantly has got any person driving on the A23 smiling, all power to him, what a truly inspiring guy. If I had scrap, I would surely take it to the place he advertises because he deserves nothing less!

I mention this because whatever we do in life comes with responsibility, my scrap yard advertising man is a fine example of this, he has taken his role really seriously and decided to carry a message of happiness while still at the same time doing his role, watching the Brits last night and more importantly the “Artic Monkeys” guy throw the microphone to the floor made we want to write this blog.

The Artic Monkeys fella chose to throw (Well more drop really!) a microphone on the floor during his acceptance speech and announce “Invoice me for it if you want to!” Here is a guy with fans, followers, listneers, a guy who has responsibility and power and to be fair makes great music, but he chose to send the sound department, a department who would have been in that arena since dawn broke and would not leave it till late into the next day, into a,no doubt, mircophone frenzy!

My point being here is the guy who stands in the freezing cold earning, no doubt, a year what that microphone costs doesn’t ever throw his advertising board to the floor in disscust had how bad it is, he just keeps smiling, just keeps giving and keeps his and everyone driving past enthusiasm alive, he has embraced his roll and taken it to a new level, he is without question, an inspiring man!

I hope the Artic Monkeys guy went and found the sound department and said sorry last night or at least sent a crate of beer backstage to them, but I doubt it, but then that is surely Rock n roll! No?

How wonderful that a man stood with a cardboard banner round his neck in the freezing cold, in the middle of a busy road inspired me more than one of this countries biggest bands. And to be honest, if the dropping of a microphone is Rock n Roll, they seriously need to call Ozzy for some "Rock n Roll"  lessons!
I'm getting old right?

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