Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Dear Mr Crow.

Tomorrow the capital city of this great country will lose millions of pounds, traffic will come to a standstill, emergency services will struggle with even getting through London, appointments will be missed, loved ones will sacrifice a hug, school children will not be taught, business deals will be put off, tourists willing to spend money will get lost and choose to stay where they are and most importantly every person who uses our tube system will have the hump, why? Because Bob Crow is throwing his toys out of the pram and holding this great city to ransom – Simply unacceptable!

I know the concerns of Mr Crow are important and I know he has an argument, as does my London Mayor, but simply bringing us all to a standstill is the actions of a bully and actions I neither respect nor intend to sit back and say nothing about!

Dear Mr Crow.

If you are so concerned about the tube and its development then get round a table and talk about it rather than just calling on your faithful to simply stay at home, the same faithful who earn more than teachers, care workers, nurses and any other members of the emergency services and those that supply care to those in this city!

You and your union represent the members whose responsibility it is to supply a public service, your actions go against everything that you are indeed supposed to be providing!

I understand Mr Crow you want the best for your members, in a way I respect that, but not at the cost of millions of people reliant on using the tube every day.

Go ahead and strike, but I promise you one thing, not one part of what Boris is proposing will change, not one thing. The actions of a strike will do nothing other than bring London to a standstill, what purpose does that serve?

So Mr Crow, show some empathy, dig deep in your soul, call off the strike, make an appointment with Boris and defend your faithful like a man other than like the boy with his big gang in the playground.


If you’ve got the hump with Boris, go sort it out with Boris in the manner of a man that leads and represents thousands rather than let millions of this great city suffer.

Do the right thing and lets show the world why this city and more importantly its people are truly one of the greatest in the world!


Don’t hurt London Bob and its fine people, you are better than that!





And Boris, If Mr Crow does the right thing, clear your diary and book a meeting room, hell, I'll even come and make the coffee, badly, but I'll make it all the same!


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