Saturday, 15 February 2014


Watching the devastating floods and storms in the South West of England over the past weeks I found it hard to really appreciate what devastation the people effected by this horrific weather were really going through, only now as the winds hit London do I fully appreciate what the people of the south west have been going through and more importantly I now realize how lucky my family and I have been.

My sister in Law lives in Canada and she will often call and tell us about a huge snow dump they have had, I would respond with "Oh that's terrible" but that's about as far as it really effects me, Why? Well because I am not "Experiencing it" or more importantly "Living in it" although I can sympathise I don't really understand,  how could I?

I do many things in my life today to try and have a better understanding of "Others" rather than just reading tweets,  newspapers or watching TV. To share in the experience gives me, as I see it,  a way more fulfilling life and a better understanding of the real world,  I would argue as a comedian who relies on observation this can only be a good thing!.

It doesn't make me special or nor do I look for any praise, what it does do is give me a wider view of life and a better understanding of where I sit in my world and much more poignant where others around me sit!

The storms only go to show that so often in life I have "Passed judgment" on something without ever really knowing or more importantly experiencing what I am talking about!

I chuckle sometimes when an ice skater falls over, I moan at the England football team, I get annoyed at traffic wardens, delayed trains, slow service, the goverment, the council even our PM -  the list goes on but really, who am I to pass comment, judgment or opinion when I have no understanding of that "Experience" No understanding of the job, effort commitment or passion - I am I suppose just "Spouting off about things I know nothing about!

I've never felt the pressure of a world cup and the hopes of a nation,;I've never been on a skiing trip, I've never had to hit a parking ticket quota,  I've never been on a planning committee nor had to mange a train network and I've never and will never have to have the responsibility of running a country! So who am I to have a loud opinion?

I guess this is why I love, respect and listen to my Royal family, they, above any family, have had so much life Experiance, I doubt a day goes by without at least one of them learning about anothers "Experiance" we should, honestly,  listen to them more!

I'm traveling to the north of England today to host a charity ball for no other reason than the story of a twitter follower touched me and I wanted and really felt the need to take action rather than words and share in another's experience and hopefully at the same time give something back to another, but here is the bonus, I get to have a life experience and understand another's journey better, and so as a human I grow and as a person get in touch with the true reality of life.

The charity organiser put her child to bed and that was the last hug and kiss she had, she inspires me because she now commits so much of her time so others don't have this devastating life "Experiance" Truly humbling!

I kissed my daughter goodbye today to travel to the gig, the organiser of tonight's event can't do that! By giving my time freely I'll get to understand another better and appreciate more, the most perfect thing in my life, my daughter! And the cherry on top of the cake, ill get to share all this and more with her! I get to "Pass on the experience"

Today I will have "An Experiance" some missing roof tiles and a wider view on life, but I'll still have a moan, ; I'm human and still as outspoken as ever which will no doubt lead others to comment negativity - No drama to me, I doubt they have had or understand my "Life experiences!"

I learnt something new about myself today which is as important about learning about another.

Thanks for reading and win lose or draw tomorrow Liverpool, I'll not rant, ill be thankful you gave it your all for me and millions of other fans!


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