Friday, 21 February 2014

For the over 40's!

Roxanne is all over the text talk, I am trying to keep up but its proving difficult, so I thought it about time the "Oldies" rebel and form our own!

Here you go....

IATD - I'm at the doctors
TNIO - The News is on!
PMSNL - Pissed myself not laughing
IFWIAH - I forgot why I am here!
IAMAL - I am making a list
AAF - At another funeral
BTW - Bring the wheelchair
JWIRT - Just watching "Ice Road Truckers"
HGBM - Had a good bowel movment
FFS - Found friends speticles!
HYSMG - Have you seen my glasses.
ICOT - Its cold out today
TQITPO - The Que in the post office!
ILDITML - I like driving in the middle lane!
ICMAG - I cant move after gardening
OTMTL - Off to mow the lawn
CYTIU - Can you turn it up
CYTID - Can you turn it down?
IOTTS - I'm off to the shed!
DT - Downtown time
WFFSM - What's FFS mean?
JGIMP - Just getting into my pyjamas!
OTTS - Off to the skip!

Enjoy your weekend!

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