Monday, 10 February 2014


Sometimes we get it right, sometimes we get it wrong, sometimes things don't feel good, sometimes there seems no way out, sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes we really don't know where to turn.

The positive that can be gained from this is it is only ever "Sometimes"

In life to take a wrong turn is to grow, to learn,  to build,  it's part of life's great tapestry,  it's what makes us who we are, it is what defines us and without the "Sometimes" we just stay standing in exactly the same spot.

To grow and see a wider view we have to take risk and by doing so we have to sit in the "Sometimes" A life with no risk is a dull existence and one where standing still becomes the norm, same view, same feelings,  same emotions, same sadness and all draped with "No hope"

Change is the key to growth but it is one that takes a brave step and a faith, for without faith of any kind then, I believe,  there is not much hope, and let's be honest, hope is the driving force behind many a humans day.

I've just watched Benifit Street - The one thing nearly every member of this street is missing is "Hope" if you have no hope then it's hard to keep a faith, if you have neither you do your best to simply "Exist" - Sometimes!

To be brave and change just one thing In your life is to step out of a circle of no hope and light a glimmer in a life surrounded by the cloud of "Hopelessness" You have to take the step though and to step out of a comfort zone is both uncomfortable and scary!

I have a faith today and by that I mean a God in my life, im not embarrassed nor ashamed to admit it either, to deny it is to turn my back on the very person I turned to in my darkest hours. What it also means is I have the ability to admit something good in my life, something constant and something that I am actually proud of walking with and being a part of, without a faith, as I look back on my life, I had way too many "Sometimes" although I'm still getting them today,  they are manageable. 

I'm not going to start preaching - Not my way - But my God gave me the bravery to take a little step, see a new light and grab onto a bit of hope! 

So my blog today is to say take a step, be brave, start change and let go, do something different, look up at hope and if only for a fleeting moment feel change and grab some hope!

You may get it wrong, it may screw up, it may be a disaster,  it maybe a very wrong choice, but you took a step, walked towards change and thus gave yourself some hope. ..

Trust in me it works, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly,  but it works if and only if you're willing to work for it!

Thank you.

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